Interview with Mosaeek startup

Today we are going to present you Mosaeek – a technology startup based in Barcelona. Read this interview with Jeremy, Co-Founder of Mosaeek and learn more about this project.

1. Present yourself.
Hey! We are Mosaeek, or ‘The SoundCloud for Video’. Yes, everybody tries to describe their product as the *insert known software company* for *insert intelligent twist to catch attention*. But it’s really true: with Mosaeek, you can record spontaneous video-reactions at any moment in time of longer-form videos. The video reactions appear at the timeline where they have been submitted – just like SoundCloud. Our mission is to transform the LOL’s and ROFL’s of this world into real emotions and close the loop between content creator and their audiences. We are a team of 4, two Germans and two French, and are working together already for more than a year on the project. We are proud to say that we bootstrapped the MVP while having full-time jobs and side-hustles – and are now ready to consolidate the team in Barcelona and go big with Mosaeek.

2. How did you come up with your project? What are your main inspirations? What is the goal of your project?
Carlo and Rapha, the two German in our team followed their passion to democratize news media since long time ago. They fully focussed on text, but after Carlo annoyed Rapha enough with “Video is the future” they finally pivoted their initial idea and focussed on one thing and one thing only: VIDEO. We set bold goals from the beginning: If in a few years, you will find a video without video-reactions you will find it BORING. Fast-forward one year our team got enriched by the French friends Jeremie and Allan and we started the hustle. Due to our bootstrapping history, our main inspirations are literally all the side-hustlers and entrepreneurs from around-the-corner.

3. What are your main difficulties or obstacles to develop your project? What was the most challenging problem in the past and how did you solve it?
Well, the software itself was not easy to develop. We are pioneering in quite untapped territory so it took Jeremie and Allan quite a few painful and sleepless nights to bring our product to the next level. Looking forward, our most challenging mission is to scale the usage. These days, Instagram and all other social networks are quite protective of their traffic. Even placing a link turns out to become harder and harder every day. Growth-hacking your product is not as easy as 5 years ago anymore. But – we are motivated, creative and hungry to scale very soon. And you will see – we will!

4. How do you keep motivated and how do you plan your daily tasks? Do you use any tools?

As our team is still split between Zurich & Barcelona, one of our biggest challenges is communication and keep the motivation high. We had to learn the hard way that building trust in each other and giving each other the freedom to move the project to the next level is key to a successful and happy founding team. To organize ourselves best we are using Trello, to handle our client relationships & sales funnel we are using PipeDrive and to keep the team together we are using Slack.

5. Which are the books or courses that you learned a lot from?
Well, all talks from StartUp notes are simply amazing for new entrepreneurs (shoutout to Nacho), as well as the YCombinator videos on YouTube. Obviously, Lean Startup is an eye-opening book for every first-time entrepreneur as well.

6. What are you currently looking for your business or project?
Once we have finally closed our pre-seed, we are expanding our team! Therefore we are actively searching for FEMALE POWER to bring in new perspectives for our innovative UX, as well as for our content marketing. If you read this and you are interested, we are more than happy to hear from you!

7. What do you do outside of your project – your hobbies?
HA HA, when you bootstrap an MVP next to jobs, it’s quite tough to maintain your hobbies. However, Carlo is an avid swimmer, Rapha rides BMX bikes and Jeremie runs 10k if there is free beer & free tapas as the prize.

8. Share your social media channels, so other members can follow you.
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